Tärnsjö Garveri

Axel Bodén is since 2015 the sole owner of both Axel Bodéns Handels AB and Tärnsjö Garveri AB. Tärnsjö Garveri employs 50 remarkable individuals with unsurpassed knowledge and experience in the art of vegetable tanning and saddlery. Every year we produce 900,000 square feet of the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather using hides from local Swedish farms. Roughly a third of our leather remains in-house and is used to produce Tärnsjö Garveri saddlery and other premium leather products for an elite list of clients including Our Legacy, Frederica Furniture, Gant Rugger and Brooks of England. Our clients choose us because over the last 140 years we have mastered the art and craft of both vegetable tanning and saddlery. Our work produces an aesthetic that sets the standard for high quality leather all around the globe.

Our tannery is among the remaining 5% of tanning houses worldwide who still employ the tradition of vegetable tanning in favor of the more time and cost-efficient chrome excel method. We have chosen to respect the environment with our business practices using bark extracts, water and water-based finishing. The fact that the resulting aesthetic is of unparalleled quality and beauty is a welcome and much cultivated benefit.

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