Mission Statement


Hi there, lets get to know the brand and the ideas behind A P P L E T R E E S. Brand Mission Statement : All of our offerings are filtered through the principals of the 1.2.3 formula.

1: Always quality first. We will not take any shortcuts when it comes to fit, make and fabric of our products.

2 : Functionality. We offer products with the correct fits using the best fabrics to fit the purpose of the product.

3 : Colourful. Our colour palette is set to 8 vivid colors that we will always fall back to. The 3 primary colors Blue, Red and Yellow are key , secondary colours, black and white are also very important to us, more than that we are working on the creation of colours that never existed before.

Our products. Appletrees proposes unisex products. Raising standards.

A P P L E T R E E S is considered to be best in class and are constantly raising the standards for the end consumer without compromise on quality, durability and comfort.

Full circle. As a responsible company we take our brand mission seriously and are proud to offer a full recycle program of all A P P L E T R E E S products. Stockholm, Sweden. The brands global headquarters is located at Artillergatan 29 in Stockholm Sweden.